Python Director - web API.

The following is a list of the various functions defined in the web API

Note that not all of them are currently implemented. working on it.

You can also control the director from the command line, using something like 'wget' or a similar command line tool. Writing a simple python client is something I'll do at some point

Admin interface:

current configuration and status of the PD.
text dump of current configuration and status
initial boot time config of the PD (xml)
Host mgmt:
add a new host to the group of a service
remove a host from the group of a service
remove all hosts from the group of a service

Note that the last two will not let you remove all hosts from the enabled group.

Group mgmt:

switch the currently enabled group. Note that this will not affect any in-progress connections.
switch the scheduler implementation for a group. Should not be done for an active group!

User mgmt:

service mgmt: